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Indhrivanam is owned by Morten (Danish, responsible for email correspondence) and Sarah (English, responsible for phone correspondence). We spend 11-12 months of the year at Indhrivanam. We have a small room in Indhrivanam's main building, located 50 metres from the cottage, where we stay with our Indian Pariah Dog, Ashna. She is healthy with up-to-date vaccinations, has been socialised well, and is very friendly. In addition to running Indhrivanam, we have started a small travel agency or tour operation for Kerala, which, obviously, is called Simply Kerala. So, if you are interested in a competently arranged holiday, please contact us.

There is one permanent employee at Indhrivanam, Raju, who has been working with us since 2008. As Indhrivanam's only employee, Raju's job description is very varied: he cooks, cleans, and does gardening. He has worked as a cook in various hotels and resorts, and it is fair to say that he is an expert in the Kerala cuisine. He lives with his wife and two children 10 kilometres from Indhrivanam.

We try to live according to sound ecological principles. For instance, we constructed Indhrivanam by using local materials, minimising the use of paint and concrete, and employing local workers; we rely solely on rainwater harvesting; we are using dry toilets; we compost all bio-degradable products; we minimise the use of non-bio-degradable products, but recycle when unavoidable (there is a modern waste management plant in Kumily); we don't cut trees; and the property is free from pesticides.